• Naive Rika41

    Here I am...

    October 11, 2012 by Naive Rika41

    Hello all... my name is Rika and what you know, i was one of big fan of Happy Tree Friends. I'm start my hobby to draw HTF Anime version at DeviantART , go to if you want to see my art ( don't comment negative! I know that i'm still bad, i'm still Training! ).

    My most Favorite Male Character was The Mole , because :

    • He blind, but still can be the "Death Bringer's"
    • Sometime's he is drawed with very cute face ( looked like girl! you know.. )
    • The way he kill another character is soo naive! ( because this i'm going be naive too )

    And My Favorite Female Character was Flaky!!! Flaky has many interest way, like :

    • She has a little trouble with her Gender ( already be Female )
    • She have soo many pairing at! Like Flippy,…
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